We boast in more than 8 years of roofing experience

Archroof is a Kenyan company that specializes in roofing and shade technology. We have been in the indudtry for more than 8 years. Over the years, our team has gained immense experience in the roofing and shade field.

To offer the best roofing services to our clients and build a team of professionals.

We are committed to serve our clients to provide them satisfaction over their requirements.

With the help of our experienced and talented members of our working and management team, we face and get success over the difficult challenges and situations.

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Our Key Services

Polycarbonates Fitting.

Polycarbonate sheets are costly and fragile when mishandled. An experienced fundi who is able to bring out the aesthetic appearance of the structure is highly demanded.

Poly sheets are applicable in pergolas, swimming pools, walk-away areas, shopping malls and areas where light penetration is needed.

Like shade nets, polycarbonate sheets come in various colours of blue, brown, green, opal, clear and maroon.

Our team has gained unparalleled experience in handling and installation of poly sheets in the last eight years.

Some Advantages of Polycarbonate fitting Include

  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Protects Against Discoloring.
  • Perfect for Greenhouses.

Carport Shades.

Kenya is geographically located in the tropical region which means the sun shines long hours compared other regions. Cars need to be protected from the scorching sunrays which damages both interior and exterior of the car resulting to fast aging.

A shade net fabric which is 100% sun proof is used to cover the structure of the shade. The shade nets come in different colours thus one can choose according to taste or preferred colour theme.

Shade net fabrics also provide a wall screen to prevent onlookers and maintain privacy in the compound.

Pre-Fabricated Buildings.

Prefabs as they are commonly referred are structures which engineered in the workshop then carried to the assembly point. They include container conversion and light gauge steel frames.

These building are mostly preferred if one tends to get rid of the process of normal construction or a semi-permanent house to be used for a period of time.

They take a short time to assemble and can be erected in the most remote areas where there no grid utility services.

Welding and Frabrication.

Steel has shown numerous advantages compared to timber over the years. It is strong, fire resistive, little or no waste and cost effective too.

We help in designing, fabrication and installations of steel roofs. It is applicable for both domestic and industrial settings.

Welding and Frabrication

Tent Technology.

With the endless evolving technology, different materials of tents have been manufactured all over the world which are harmless to the environment and human body.

They include camping tents, event tents, refuge tents, military tents and many more.

Tents can be classified as permanent and semi-permanent. The materials for making these tents include tarpaulin, canvas, acrylic material and shade cloth.

Steel roofing structures

Completed Projects

car shades

Four slope design

Extensions and Renovations

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clear poly canopy

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car parking shade

wall mounted carport shades brown