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Polycarbonates Fitting

Polycarbonate sheets are costly and fragile when mishandled. An experienced fundi who is able to bring out the aesthetic appearance of the structure is highly demanded.

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Carport Shades.

Kenya is geographically located in the tropical region which means the sun shines long hours compared other regions. Cars need to be protected from the scorching sunrays which damages both interior and exterior of the car resulting to fast aging.

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Pre-Fabricated Buildings.

Prefabs as they are commonly referred are structures which engineered in the workshop then carried to the assembly point. They include container conversion and light gauge steel frames.

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Welding and Frabrication.

Steel has shown numerous advantages compared to timber over the years. It is strong, fire resistive, little or no waste and cost effective too.

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Tent Technology.

With the endless evolving technology, different materials of tents have been manufactured all over the world which are harmless to the environment and human body.

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Commercial Roofing

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